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Colourful Characters, Crime and Consequence - Law on the Small Screen - Law Week Podcast 2019

May 17, 2019

True crime, murder mysteries, police procedurals and sexy stories about the morally dubious – our TV screens and Netflix queues are packed with shows about lawyers, coppers and the law.

The law has it all: colourful characters, extreme behaviours, webs of intrigue and dire consequences. Perfect tele fodder, but does it do the reputation of the law harm or good?

The second Law Week podcast from the Victoria Law Foundation brings together some highly-talented crafters of televisual crime for a conversation about all of the above and more before a live audience.

VLF Executive Director Lynne Haultain was joined by Niki Aken (Underbelly, Janet King), Hillary Bonney (barrister, true crime author and TV adviser) and Elizabeth Coleman (Wanted, Newton’s Law, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) to discuss the impact of our fascination with stories about crime and punishment, how closely television dramas reflect real life, and whether our addiction helps or hinders our understanding of law and justice.

Our podcast was recorded live at Deakin Downtown in Melbourne during Law Week 2019

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